OPDC's partnership with London Funders - supporting London's communities

This article was originally posted by the Greater London Authority .

In response to COVID-19, OPDC is working closely with the Greater London Authority (GLA) our partners, stakeholders and local groups to find new and strategic ways to help those in need in west London and across the capital.

OPDC has teamed up with London Funders, a cross-sector membership network for funders and investor, who are providing coordinated funding via the London Community Response to support groups helping communities across London who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Groups across the capital have used the London Community Response funding for essential work, supporting people across communities - including supplying emergency food packages, adapting advice services and ensuring that rough sleepers are kept safe. 

Our Senior Engagement Officer, Anna, is assisting London Funders as an Emergency Fund Application Assessor: 

“The Fund provides grants to charities, civil society groups and support organisations who are either unable to carry out their business as usual, or who have seen a dramatic increase in need for their services and need support in rapidly responding to demand as a result of COVID-19. Funding is being released in waves - you can currently apply for up to £10,000 to help meet the immediate needs of communities."

“I sit under the ‘Advice Service’ work stream, so I have seen a lot of applications from domestic violence charities, youth crime helplines and mental health services. While it’s hard reading to see how some support groups have seen the need for their services increased tenfold, I’m grateful that I am able to help, even just a little bit – and I’m thankful to OPDC and the GLA for supporting me to do this work.”  

Funders have now awarded £11m, representing over 1,100 grants across every London Borough, to support the capital’s community and voluntary organisations since the start of lockdown. 

More than 50 funders have contributed to the Response, with founding funders the Mayor of London, the City of London Corporation’s Charitable Funder the City Bridge Trust and Bloomberg L.P. all making an initial donation of £1m. The Mayor of London has since added an extra £4m to the funding pot, and the total funds pledged across the collaboration now stands at over £18m.

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