Frequently Asked Questions

This document gives answers the questions we are most commonly asked by potential applicants.  If you can’t see the answer you’re looking for in here or need help to fill in the application form, please do get in touch.

We secured a grant from a previous Wave of the London Community Response – can we apply again?

Yes, you can.  Question 26 on the application form asks when you will finish spending the current grant and Question 39 asks when you would like a new one to begin.  If you are applying for different costs to the previous grant, then some funders will be willing for you to run both at once.

We applied for a previous Wave but were rejected – can we apply again?

Yes, you can apply.  However, if you received an email from us to say your application for previous waves wasn’t eligible, we would advise you to check the guidance very carefully to make sure that you are eligible this time before applying.  You can contact us if you would like feedback on why your application wasn’t eligible (when doing so, please let us know which wave of funding you have applied for).

We don’t fit with the priorities for Wave 4 funding – it is worth applying anyway?

Wave 3 had the same priorities as W4.  As a result, almost three quarters (73.5%) of Wave 3 grants went to organisations led by and for marginalised communities, and 85% of grants went to organisations with a turnover under £1m.  So the chances of success for organisations who don’t fit with the priorities are slimmer.

About your application

Q2 and Q3: Our work straddles more than one of the themes – what should we do?

Select the theme that best fits the work your organisation usually does and is most appropriate for the work you are seeking support for. You won’t be rejected based on the themes you pick. 

Q4: Who can apply via a host organisation?

We offer the option of applying via a host to mutual aid groups or unconstituted groups who have come together to respond to the crisis, or to organisations that are new and do not have a bank account, or have no record of income and expenditure to date. If you are one of these, you will need to find a host organisation who meets the eligibility requirements to apply on your behalf, who will hold the grant for you.

You cannot apply via a host (or at all) if you are a profit-making company or a sole trader.

Q4: We’re applying via a host organisation – whose information do we put in, ours (the hosted organisation) or the host’s?

The application form highlights who should complete each section.

Q4: We’re a host organisation applying on behalf of other groups – can we also apply for ourselves?

Organisations acting as hosts for other groups can submit more than one application, including one for themselves.

About your organisation

Q9: What year we were established - should this be the year we began work or the year we registered as a charity (or CIC or similar)?   

This means the year you began working together.

Q10: Are schools eligible to apply?

If a school is a registered charity, then it is eligible to apply.  For schools that are part of a multi-academy trust, please see Q11 below.

Q10: what kind of organisations are NOT eligible to apply?

Some of the non-eligible organisations that have contacted us are:

  • A sole trader
  • A private company limited by shares
  • A CIC limited by shares
  • A charity or organisation registered outside the UK

Q10: We only have 2 directors – do we specifically need 3?  

Most of the funders can only offer a grant to an organisation with at least three Trustees, Directors or Management Committee Members. However, if you are a user-led or small organisation, some may be willing to take this into account.  Use the space in Question 44 to explain.

Q11: We are a local branch or team of a larger charity, can we apply?

The charity can only make one application, so will need to decide which team or branch to apply for.

Q18: We’re a national organisation - can we apply to the London Community Response?

Yes, but you will need to make clear what proportion of your work will be of benefit to people in London.

Your finances

Q22: Our accounts are not audited or verified – will this prevent us from receiving a grant?

No, it won’t.  However, if your organisation's income is over £25k then your accounts should be at least independently examined (verified) so if they haven’t been, this would be viewed negatively by funders.

Q23: We don’t have annual accounts because we’re under a year old?

Use the figures from your most recent management accounts (or whatever document you use to keep track of the money the organisation receives and the money it spends).

Q25: We already have a grant from one of the funders on the list – will this affect our application?

No, this list is to enable funders to share the checks they have already carried out on organisations in order to make decision-making as quick as possible for crisis grants.

Your funding request

Use the boxes in this section to tell funders why your work or your building is needed (including how this need relates to covid and winter crisis), what you plan to do to address those needs, who you will help and the difference you hope to make for the

Your budget

Q42 and Q43: You can use the budget headings we’ve suggested or adapt them to make them more relevant to your request.  Use Q43 to explain how you have calculated each of the costs.  Don’t forget to connect these costs to the number of months you have said the work will run for (in Q39).

In Wave 4, you can’t apply for costs you have already incurred (or to replace money you have already spent).


We can’t upload all of the documents requested at the end of the application form.  What should we do?

Use the box under Q45 to tell us why. Funders will need to contact you for more information in order to process your application. 

We’re halfway through making an application – if we save it, how do we access it again?

When you save your application, you are emailed a link which you will need to save in order to access your application again.

We’ve completed our application – if we submit, will we get a copy of the final application?

Yes, you’ll receive an email confirming submission, and a pdf of your application.

We’ve completed our application, but it won’t let us submit – help!

Sometimes the website gets very busy.  Try again later.  If you still can’t submit your application, please email us.

How long will it take to hear if our application is successful?

Funders are working in collaboration to sift and assess applications as quickly as possible.  For Wave 4, we aim to get an answer to all applicants before 18 December, but this will depend on the volume of applications.

Decisions may take longer if all the necessary documents are not uploaded in the initial application. 

Will we get feedback on our application if it’s not successful?

Due to the large numbers of applications, we’re not able to give individual feedback.

What are the reasons that applications are unsuccessful?

  • Your organisation is not eligible for Wave 4 funding as set out in the guidance;    
  • The application you submitted does not fit the criteria for Wave 4 funding (see above guidance);  
  • Your organisation has not passed satisfactory due diligence checks;  
  • You have not uploaded the required documents with your application; 
  • You have submitted two applications for Wave 4 – in which case the second will have been rejected; 
  • There were more applications in your area or theme than funders were able to support.

Can we put a second Wave 4 application in if our first one isn’t successful?

No, you can only make ONE application to Wave 4.

We’ve got some feedback for funders on the application process – how can we share this with you?

When you submit your application, you’ll be invited to complete a short survey which asks for your opinion and feedback on the process of applying.  You can also send feedback at any time to us. 

How can I find out about any future waves of funding from the London Community Response?

If you are signed up to our newsletter you will get emails with details of any future funding from the London Community Response, along with any additional funding opportunities that might be relevant for the work of London’s civil society groups.  If you are not already signed up please do follow this link so that we can keep in touch with you. 

We have received a grant from the London Community Response and would like to showcase this in our communications. How do we go about doing this?

In the first instance, contact the funder who has awarded you the grant – they will have logos and their own guidelines. In addition, please do tag the funder and London Funders in any social media posts. We’re keen to share case studies of all the brilliant work happening in the capital.