Frequently Asked Questions

This document gives answers the questions we are most commonly asked by potential applicants.  If you can’t see the answer you’re looking for in here or need help to fill in the application form, please do get in touch.

We secured a grant from a previous Wave of the London Community Response – can we apply again?

Yes, you can apply again. The application form will ask you when you will finish spending the current grant and when you would like a new grant to begin. 

If you received a Wave 4 Navigating Crisis grant, you can’t apply in Wave 5 for a Crisis Response grant.  But you can still apply for a Wave 5 Renewal grant.  If you received a grant in waves 1, 2 or 3 then you can apply for a crisis Crisis Response grant and/or a Renewal grant.

We applied for a previous Wave but weren’t successful - can we apply again?

Yes, you can apply.  If you received an email from us to say your application for previous waves wasn’t eligible (rather than the email saying your application wasn’t selected for funding), contact info@londonfunders.org.uk and we will try to give you feedback on why your application wasn’t eligible before you submit an application this time.

We have never applied to the London Community Response – can we apply for Wave 5?

Yes, please check the guidance carefully to make sure your application will be eligible.

We don’t fit with the Wave 5 priorities (organisations led by and for marginalised communities, organisations under £1m turnover) – it is worth applying anyway?

In previous Waves with the same priorities, almost three quarters of grants went to organisations led by and for marginalised communities, and 85% of grants went to organisations with a turnover of under £1m.  So the chances of success for organisations who don’t fit with the priorities are slimmer.

The funding is only for work that is ‘legally charitable’ – what does that mean?

You can find more information about what is considered legally charitable here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/charitable-purposes/charitable-purposes

ABOUT YOUR APPLICATION (the numbers below link to the application form)

Q1: We’d like to apply for a Crisis grant and a Renewal grant, can we do that?

Yes. Note that you will need to complete a separate application for each.

Q1: Renewal grant – we’d like to apply for both a Project and Core grant, can we do that?

You can only apply for ONE Renewal grant.  Read the guidance carefully and decide which is the best fit for your organisation.  Note that in a Project grant application you can also ask for the overheads (core costs) relating to the delivery of your project.

Q2: Our work straddles more than one of the themes – what should we do?

Select the theme that best fits the work your organisation usually does and is most appropriate for the work you are seeking support for. You won’t be rejected based on the themes you pick. 

Q3: Our work straddles more than one of the missions – what should we do?

Select the mission that best fits the application you are making.

Q5: Who can apply via a host organisation?

We offer the option of applying via a host to mutual aid groups or unconstituted groups who have come together to respond to the crisis, or to organisations that are new and do not have a bank account, or have no record of income and expenditure to date. If you are one of these, you will need to find a host organisation who meets the eligibility requirements to apply on your behalf, who will hold the grant for you.

You cannot apply via a host (or at all) if you are a profit-making company or a sole trader.

Q5: We’re applying via a host organisation – whose information do we put in, ours (the hosted organisation) or the host’s?

If you tick yes to Q5, then information will pop up throughout the application form to show whether it’s the Host or the Hosted Organisation who should complete each section.  In summary:

  • Pre-Application Eligibility = Host
  • Wave 5 Grant = Host
  • Your Details = Host (with second contact details to be from the Hosted Organisation)
  • Your Organisation = Host
  • Financial Information = Host
  • Funding Request = Hosted Organisation
  • Budget = Hosted Organisation
  • Uploads = Host
  • Statement = Host

Q5: We’re a host organisation applying on behalf of other groups – can we also apply for ourselves?

Organisations acting as hosts for other groups can submit more than one application, including one for themselves.


Q10: What year the organisation was established - should this be the year we began work or the year we registered as a charity (or CIC or similar)?   

This means the year you began working together.

Q11: Are schools eligible to apply?

If a school is a registered charity, then it is eligible to apply.  For schools that are part of a multi-academy trust, please see Q11 below.

Q11: What kind of organisations are NOT eligible to apply?

In Wave 5, we are not able to accept applications from Companies limited by guarantee that are not also registered as a charity.

If you are a social enterprise, you will need to also be registered as one of the types of organisation in the eligibility list.

Some of the non-eligible organisations that have contacted us are:

  • An individual interested in setting up a new community project
  • A sole trader
  • A private company limited by shares
  • A CIC limited by shares
  • A charity or organisation registered outside the UK

Q11: We only have two directors – do we specifically need three?  

Most of the funders can only offer a grant to an organisation with at least three Trustees, Directors or Management Committee Members as a minimum. However, if you are a user-led or small organisation, some may be willing to take this into account.  Use the space in Question 38 to explain.

Q12: We are a local branch or team of a larger charity, can we apply?

Each charity (i.e. with one charity number) can only make one application, so you will need to decide which team or branch is going to apply.

Q18: We’re a national organisation - can we apply to the London Community Response?

Yes, but you will need to make clear what proportion of your work will be of benefit to people in London and not all of the funders will be able to review your application.

Q21: We clicked ‘yes’ to this question and more questions popped up?

There is additional advice and support available for community spaces at risk to help protect grassroots cultural centres, social clubs, youth, education and other spaces that are locally rooted and critical for supporting vulnerable groups during the pandemic. If your organisation delivers most or all of its public-facing work (i.e. not your office-based activities) from one building, the extra questions that have popped up are to determine whether you may be eligible for an ADDITIONAL grant. 


Q23: We don’t have annual accounts because we’re under a year old?

Use the figures from your most recent management accounts (or whatever document you use to keep track of the money the organisation receives and the money it spends).

Q24: Do you have a policy on the level of reserves an organisation should hold?

The funders involved in the London Community Response will all have slightly different approaches to this, so there is no overall policy.  You should set out your own policy on reserves in this answer. Some funders will be willing to fund organisations with reserves that are higher or lower than their own policy.


Use the boxes in this section to tell funders why your organisation or work is needed (including how this need relates to the impacts of Covid).  Make sure that you link what you write here clearly to the relevant section in the guidance ‘What can be covered by a Crisis grant’ or ‘What can be covered by a Renewal grant’. Your organisation or work must fit with one of the bullet points listed (and doesn’t have to fit with all of them).


Q35 and Q36: You can use the budget headings that are suggested in the guidance in the ‘What can the funding be used for?’ section, or adapt them to make them more relevant to your request.  Use Q43 to explain how you have calculated each of the costs.  Don’t forget to connect these costs to the number of months you have said the work will run for (in Q26b).

You can’t apply for costs you have already incurred (or to replace money you have already spent).


There appear to be questions missing on my application form – why can’t I see them?

Depending on what kind of application you chose to make at Q1, you will be asked to complete slightly different questions.  If you can’t see a question, that means you don’t need to complete it.

We can’t upload all of the documents required at the end of the application form.  What should we do?

If there is a technical issue with uploading documents, please contact info@londonfunders.org.uk and we will try and help you.

If you don’t have, or don’t have access to, all the documents that are required:

  • For Wave 5 Crisis Grants, you must be able to upload all of the documents required when you submit the application. As this is a very short programme, decisions will be made on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and funders will not have time to contact you for more information in order to process your application. 
  • For Wave 5 Renewal Grants, you will need to provide all of the documents required before funders are able to assess your application. If you submit with one of the documents missing, use Q41 to tell us why, and we will contact you. 

We’re halfway through making an application – if we save it, how do we access it again?

When you save your application, you are emailed a link which you will need to save in order to access your application again.

We’ve completed our application – if we submit, will we get a copy of the final application?

Yes, you’ll receive an immediate email confirming submission, and a pdf of your application. Sometimes this email goes to your junk folder, check there if you don’t think you have received it.

We’ve completed our application, but it won’t let us submit – help!

Sometimes the website gets very busy.  Try again later.  If you still can’t submit your application, get in touch with info@londonfunders.org.uk.

How long will it take to hear if our application is successful?

Funders are working in collaboration to assess applications as quickly as possible.  If you are applying for a Crisis Response grant the funders are aiming to get decisions to you by mid-February.  If you are applying for a Renewal grant the funders will be working to ensure you have decisions for funding to start in April 2021.

If we’re successful in getting a grant, what reporting will we be asked for?

Each funder will have their own approach to reporting, and will let you know what’s expected when they send you a grant offer letter.

Will we get feedback on our application if it’s not successful?

Due to the large numbers of applications, we’re not able to give individual feedback.

What are the reasons that applications are likely to be unsuccessful?

  • Your organisation is not eligible for Wave 5 funding as set out in the guidance;    
  • The application you submitted does not fit the criteria for Wave 5 funding;  
  • Your organisation has not passed satisfactory due diligence checks;  
  • You have not uploaded the required documents with your application; 
  • There were more applications in your area or theme than funders were able to support.

We’ve got some feedback for funders on the application process – how can we share this with you?

When you submit your application, you’ll be invited to complete a short survey which asks for your opinion and feedback on the process of applying.  You can also send feedback at any time to info@londonfunders.org.uk

How can I find out about any future waves of funding from the London Community Response?

If you are signed up to our newsletter you will get emails with details of any future funding from the London Community Response, along with any additional funding opportunities that might be relevant for the work of London’s civil society groups.  If you are not already signed up please do follow this link so that we can keep in touch with you. 

We have received a grant from the London Community Response and would like to showcase this in our communications. How do we go about doing this?

In the first instance, contact the funder who has awarded you the grant – they will have logos and their own guidelines. In addition, please do tag the funder and London Funders in any social media posts. We’re keen to share case studies of all the brilliant work happening in the capital.