Infrastructure (civil society support)

This theme-specific guidance must be read in conjunction with the main guidance notes

We know that organisations providing support to civil society, from place-based groups such as Volunteer Centres and Councils for Voluntary Service, through to specialist organisations, such as those focused on specific communities or topics, have seen increases in demand for support from people (e.g. those wanting to volunteer to help their communities at this time) and from other organisations (e.g. to develop partnerships or redesign their services for the current context). We also know that these groups are often the link between sectors, helping coordinate responses to the crisis, as well as acting as advocates for the sector and to keep the sector informed of developments. We are particularly keen to fund work that:

  • Helps groups to navigate the changed policy and practice context, including advising on how to access government or other support, through to updating working procedures;
  • Boosts capacity to effectively engage and place volunteers in activities that increases the ability of organisations to meet the needs of our communities;
  • Enables other organisations to develop partnership approaches to responding to the crisis so that the networks, reach and talents of all parts of the sector are harnessed; and/or
  • Strengthens the ability of infrastructure bodies to act as advocates for the sector to inform local, regional and national policy developments, as well as providing targeted and effective information to the sector about developments and what they mean for their work.