This theme-specific guidance must be read in conjunction with the main guidance notes

We know from listening to the sector, and from our first round of funding, that there is a continued need to support work around food and nutrition. We have heard that targeted work is needed to reach people with specific requirements (e.g. asylum seekers, children out of school, people at risk due to health conditions), to ensure access to food (including hot food), and to coordinate activities across organisations and sectors. We also know that food projects have often been aligned with other activities, and there is the need to either deliver these independently or to strengthen partnership working to achieve a broader range of outcomes. We are particularly keen to fund work that:

  • Enables services to be adapted to meet the needs of groups who may not previously have been accessing food support;
  • Helps organisations to deliver their services in different ways to ensure continued reach;
  • Supports partnership working or service transition so that other outcomes can be achieved alongside food/nutrition (e.g. older people and social isolation);
  • Encourages partnership working to use wider networks and assets to support communities;
  • Enables food-focused services to reach groups beyond those identified by statutory services; and/or
  • Supports better coordination across the food sector so that resources are well-managed to reach communities in priority need.