Equity and inclusion

This theme-specific guidance must be read in conjunction with the main guidance notes

We recognise that some communities were experiencing inequality before the start of this crisis, and that there is the potential for such inequalities to increase at this time without targeted work. We have heard about the importance of supporting user-led groups, and groups working in sectors (e.g. BAME, LGBT+ and Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations) that have not had equal opportunities to grow and develop due to previous patterns of funding, as well as ensuring that the rush to deliver via digital channels doesn’t exclude people. We are particularly keen to fund work that:

  • Ensures the voices of people are heard in service design, and in shaping advocacy work to promote more effective funding and other practices beyond the crisis, including support for user-led groups;
  • Promotes accessibility in service design and delivery through embedding this in digital work, ensuring reach through other channels, and/or recognising the additional costs organisations will incur in ensuring that services meet the needs of all communities; and/or
  • Supports groups with a strong track record and reach into communities to access funding and support to transition their services at this time.

We will also ensure the values of equity and inclusion are considered across all themes.