Children and young people

This theme-specific guidance must be read in conjunction with the main guidance notes

We have heard about the impact of the crisis on children and young people, from concerns about access to educational activities and nutritious food, to challenges with relationships being maintained with youth workers and trusted adults in a period of social distancing, or needing to equip the sector with the kit to deliver in new ways. We also recognise that there are some groups where the need for support will be more pronounced, including children in care or leaving care, or who are at risk due to conflict or violence. We are particularly keen to fund work that:

  • Enables services to be delivered in new ways to ensure reach and accessibility to children and young people, including where there are additional costs in ensuring this access for any groups who may need more focused services (for example those in or leaving care, young carers, refugee, homeless, LGBT+, disabled or with SEN);
  • Boosts access to quality youth work to sustain relationships with trusted adults during the crisis period ready for work to continue together after social distancing ends;
  • Promotes positive mental health and wellbeing, particularly during quarantine;
  • Ensures staff and volunteers have access to the technology they need to engage with and support young people safely and effectively via remote working; and/or
  • Adapts services to be delivered through digital channels so that positive activities and outcomes can be maintained.