Core principles for collaborative funding programmes

Funders have agreed a set of core principles, which will apply to all of the funding programmes that are developed as the impacts of the pandemic unfold over time. These principles below draw on the learning from the previous funder responses to emergencies including the Grenfell Tower fire.
  • Intelligent: seeking intelligence from those on the ground about what is needed and feeding this in continually to funder responses.
  • Straightforward: seeking to do the possible not the perfect in a fast-changing environment and dealing with unexpected difficulties in a straightforward way.
  • Easy: simplified processes to multiple funders for applicants under severe personal and professional stress: a single application form, light-touch due diligence, and one reporting channel.
  • Quick: a commitment to appropriate speed, recognising that crisis responses need to be very fast but there will also be a need for more reflective responses over time.
  • Trusting: managing risk through relationships, putting trust at the heart of what we do.
  • Equitable: ensuring that funding decisions are as inclusive as possible and take account of the diversity of the sector - particularly of smaller organisations and organisations working with and led by marginalised communities.
  • Flexible: making grants unrestricted where possible in order that organisations can adapt activities, outcomes and deadlines as the situation changes.
  • Reflective: building in learning and insight about how the sector is changing and preparing to embed the best elements in day to day practice when the crisis is over.